With an endless list of activities, and an evolving schedule tailored to individual Groups every day, Driftwood Day Camp provides each Camper with a summer filled with variety and development. Specialty Staff are assigned to each activity to prepare appropriate programming for all age levels.


Welcome to the incredibly fun introduction to the discipline of Karate. No matter the age, each group will work on core fundamentals in an engaging, fun way. You never know, you may be a Sensei in the making!

Aerial Dance

Driftwood Day Camp is the place to try new things, and there is no better example than our state-of-the-art Arial Dance Facility. Arial Dancing is the newest fitness craze sweeping all over Europe, and we are the first camp to bring it to the United States! Combining bungee cords with dance and exercise, there is no better feeling than floating through the air doing flips and tricks while getting in a great workout!

Aquatics Center

Your children will learn to “Swim Like A Shark” in our 5 beautiful heated pools. Instructional Swim and Recreational Swim are the cornerstones of our Aquatics Program. Our Instructional Program is overseen by Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors, is designed to individualize instruction and speeds the development of skills in a small group setting.

For those that ask we also offer private lessons after camp.


Want to learn how to use a Bow and Arrow? Our Archery program is just the ticket! Using age-appropriate equipment for all campers, everyone will learn to hit the bullseye! May your arrows fly straight and your aim be true.


Hit, Catch and Run! If you are looking to perfect your swing, or pick up a bat for the first time, our Baseball Specialists are here to make sure everyone learns all aspects of our National Pastime using our two groomed Baseball Fields, Batting Cages, Juggs Pitching Machines and more.


Dreaming of being in the NBA? Our Basketball Specialists will teach you all aspects of the game and make sure no matter what your objective, you have fun getting there! For even more fun you can sign up to play in our Basketball League while at camp!

Bumper Cars

When we say there is something for everyone we mean it! Our wild and wacky bumper cars are the perfect example. You will have loads of fun with friends driving our Bumper Cars.

Bungee Trampoline

Do you want to bounce so high you will touch the sky? Our bungee trampolines are the perfect place to do so. The big question: how many flips can you do?

Camper Kitchen

Would you like to become a Junior Chef? Our State-of-the-Art Camper Kitchen is the place for you. You will learn cooking fundamentals while creating incredible deserts, pastas, salads and so much more. With the ability to cater to all food allergies, we make sure everyone can participate!


Each camper comes to Ceramics ready to create! The clay is fresh and the spinning wheels are ready to see what campers can create. After painting and baking in our kilns all completed projects are sent home for families to enjoy.

Climbing Wall

With fully certified Staff waiting to help each camper reach new heights, our challenging Climbing Wall has different degree-of-difficulty paths for all ages and abilities.

Cloud Swing / Swinging Trapeze

A part of our circus program, the Cloud Swing and Swinging Trapeze are a camper favorite! Our world class specialists work all summer with each camper to learn new skills and develop new passion. Campers see themselves develop under the watchful and encouraging eye of our passionate specialists.


Our State-of-the-Art Dance Studio is the perfect place to learn new skills! Fully air conditioned, the wall length mirrors allow our Dance Specialists and campers to work on routines that are out of this world!


Ready to have some Football fun?!?! Learn everything from how to snap the ball to running the field for a touchdown! Creative specialists find a way to get everyone involved, and have fun doing it!


A true camp favorite, everyone loves a game of GaGa! With multiple GaGa Pits around camp there are plenty of chances to play. Who will be crowned Driftwood’s GaGa Champion?

Giant Games

From Giant Connect 4 to Giant Jenga, you name it, we’ve got it! Giant Checkers? Sure. Giant Chess? Check! Compete with your friends as the games tower over you.

Giant Swing

Love the rush of swinging through the air? Then our Giant Swing is for you! Join 2 of your friends and fly through the sky from whatever height you are comfortable with. Just be ready for that opening drop!


Jump off the beam, flip off the bars, follow your dreams and reach for the stars. Our Gymnastic Specialists and age-appropriate programs allow all campers to learn and absorb the most skills during their time in Gymnastics. From fundamentals to challenge courses, we have it all!

Human Foosball

Become the Players in our ginormous custom-built Human Foosball Arena! Play with all your friends in tournaments, working together to move, pass and score!

Inflatable Water Park

Slip and Slide your way through our Inflatable Waterpark! This is an incredible area to splash around and cool off. With counselors stationed around each waterslide to ensure safety, everyone loves a trip to the Waterpark!

Jewelry / Wearable Art

Want to make your own jewelry? We have projects for everyone! Start building up your ‘Camp Bracelet Wrist’ with the assistance of our Jewelry Specialists.


Kickball is one of many sports available to play on our multipurpose Sports Fields. All campers love the team spirit shown when playing our team sports.


Life is better when you STICK together! Our Lacrosse program will help campers develop new skills and passion for the sport. From teaching fundamentals to presenting challenging training drills, our Specialists will tailor each session to the age and abilities of participating campers.

Laser Tag

Duck and dive behind our inflatable Laser Tag field and see who will be crowned Laser Tag Champion! Our State-of-the-art equipment allows campers of all ages to play.

Lego Land

Building castles, cars or anything else in your imagination is possible at Lego Land. With building blocks of all colors and sizes this is a favorite of all age groups!

Little City

Let your imagination run wild in our Little City. Become a Firefighter at the Firehouse, protect the Castle, or maybe even do a little shopping at the Supermarket. Little City has something no matter where your imagination takes you.

Magic Carpet

Slide your way down our all weather Magic Carpet Toboggan Run. The thrill of the ride will leave you wanting more! This is a hit for all ages.

Nerf Jam

Compete with your friends to see who can shoot the most foam balls into opponents baskets. This fast paced game is all about speed and accuracy!

Obstacle Course

A variety of fun elements are designed to improve the fine motor coordination and balance of campers in our safe, fully staffed Balance and Obstacle Course playground.


Interested in learning to have an eye for the perfect shot? Work with Specialists to hone your skills and perfect how to take and edit your pictures. A true life skill for any budding photographers.

Pillow Polo

This field-based twist on ice hockey is fun for all ages. Using a stick that resembles a giant Qtip, work with teammates to get the ball down field and score on your opponents. The big question, who will be crowned Pillow Polo Champions?


Who doesn’t love to run, jump, climb and swing? Our playgrounds and obstacle courses have fun for all ages.


Welcome to Driftwood S.T.E.M. With a variety of projects that are always fun, educational and maybe a little messy, this ever-growing program is a favorite of all campers. Learn while you play, and work on projects that you can bring home!

School of Rock

Any budding musician will love our School of Rock. With a variety of instruments from guitars to drum sets, you can form a band with friends, learn to play new instruments, or play song games every time you come.

Sky Park

Welcome to Sky Park! This 2000 square foot netted trampoline in the sky is a huge favorite at Driftwood. Bounce with all your friends, play ball games like spider soccer. Or go hang out in the Treehouse for one of the best views of the entire camp!


Try all 5 different slides on our one-of-a-kind Slide-A-Thon and find out which is fastest. Run time trials with friends, battling your way through the obstacle course and reaching the top before sliding back down!


If soccer is your passion look no further! Our Soccer Specialists come with a pedigree for helping campers of all ages and abilities get involved and have fun doing it. We take great pride in helping to encourage involvement in all activities at camp.


When life throws you a curveball, SWING! Our Softball program, lead by Specialists with a passion for the sport, will have every camper strengthening their hitting, fielding and throwing skills . Children can participate in sports clinics daily that help with their development while keeping it fun!

Street Hockey

Players: bring your sticks and get ready for some action! Our Hockey Arena is home to some of the best tournaments on camp. No matter your skill level you can be part of the spirited action!


One of the staples of our camp is our Tennis Program. Our Tennis Pros have years of experience working with children of all ages, helping them either perfect their swings or pick up a racket for the first time. With mini courts for our Younger Campers as well as full sized courts, we can ensure each child gets the most out of the program.


Come enjoy a great pastime and compete against your friends! One on one action has never been more intense.

Unicycle Park

It only takes one wheel! Our incredible unicycle program has everyone trying to master the art of unicycling. Everyone feels comfortable using our training stabilizer, giving each camper confidence to practice until they can ride solo.


Learn to spike, block, serve and so much more! With our inflatable training field you can also work with specialists to perfect diving for the ball and having fun doing it!


Tap into your creative side in the wood shop! With a huge range of projects, from building mini cars up to benches, our specialists work to ensure your projects are always safe and fun to complete!


Namaste. A slice of tranquility can be found within our yoga classes. While teaching campers how to perform basic poses, our Yoga Specialists love working and explaining how yoga can help in everyone’s day-to-day lives.

Zipline (Big and Mini)

Flying through the air has never been so much fun! With separate ziplines for our younger and older kids, every Camper can literally fly at Driftwood!


Learn the latest moves with fast-paced, fun Zumba Classes. Your Zumba Specialists work with all campers to ensure they are involved and having fun. You can feel the energy the second you start!