Our Staff

At Driftwood Day Camp we understand the importance of caring for your children. Which is why our staff is highly trained and well equipped to make sure your children are safe while having “The Summer of Their Lives”. Our Staff never sits on the sidelines. They are engaged and active in all aspects of camp, from swimming in the pools to participating in food fights. Our strong sense of family ensures that your children always feel comfortable.

Our number one priority is the safety and well being of every child. To ensure your child has the best summer possible, our Staff is required to attend and participate in many orientation sessions, giving them the tools needed to provide the safest and most fun camp experience.


Driftwood has always been known for its small group sizes and exceptional camper to counselor ratios (better than 4:1). We strive to ensure that each child is always supervised and safe.

Division Leaders

Driftwood’s Division Leaders are Head Staff members and oversee a number of groups. They are made up of School Administrators, School Psychologists, Occupation Therapists and Seasoned Teachers. Division Leaders are always available to speak to parents.

Group Leaders

At Driftwood each camp group is lead by one of our amazing Group Leaders. Group Leaders are Teachers and/or Experienced Parents whose role is to oversee the group and create the most positive camp experience. Group Leaders are vital to our communication process by contacting parents daily with updates regarding their children.


Driftwood Counselors are college student’s selected from hundreds of potential counselor applicants. Counselors become role models, friends, mentors, and confidants to our campers. By being active participants in all group activities themselves, Driftwood Counselors encourage their campers to participate as well.

Coaches/ Specialists

Driftwood Coaches and Specialists are trained professionals in their fields. Every activity at Driftwood requires a Coach or Specialist. Whether your child is learning how to kick a soccer ball, flying through the air on our trapeze, or sculpting a masterpiece in ceramics, your child will have a professional guiding them all the way.