The Origin of Driftwood’s currency, The Waggie.

Once upon a time, in a camp not too far away, there were campers making us proud! We thought about how we could show them our appreciation for their kindness, spirit and determination and The Waggie  was born; A wooden coin to be earned by campers throughout the land. That land being Driftwood Day Camp!

As teachers, parents and professionals, we knew that helping and modeling our core values would help to motivate children early on to be kind, compassionate, empathetic, and respectful, and to accomplish their goals.

The use of Waggies has been instrumental in fostering positive behavior, building self-esteem and empowering our children to repeat these positive acts and spread these values in all aspects of their lives.

How does a camper earn a Waggie?

Demonstrating acts of kindness & empathy

Showing determination to achieve goals & try new things

Supporting & encouraging others

Respecting differences

Showing spirit & teamwork

Over time, as our campers were becoming expert wooden Waggie earners, it was time to evolve the currency.  As we began to see more and more spontaneous and unsolicited random acts of kindness  around camp we upped the ante to present our campers with an even more valuable and desirable currency. Along came the Golden Waggie, and in time, the coveted Platinum Waggie. These symbols act as a reminder that good deeds will be rewarded.

Parents strive to instill big-picture values in their kids as they grow and explore the world around them. At Driftwood we believe in working as partners with our families to achieve the same. A common goal, a common cause, a way of life.