Staff Positions

At Driftwood we look for the BEST OF THE BEST to represent our camp and provide our campers with the safest, happiest environment possible! Finding your perfect role at camp depends on your personal background and interests. Come to Driftwood and acquire skills that both universities and employers look for. 

Key roles we hire for are: 

Join our leadership team in one of the most important roles at Driftwood! Lead your group of campers and counselors to a safe and successful summer! Build lasting relationships with campers’ families to help them feel a part of their child’s summer. Supervise a team of counselors, delegating responsibility to them, and leading by example to foster relationships with the campers and each other. 

Ready to make a difference in the lives of children? Being a camp counselor at Driftwood is one of the most rewarding opportunities available! This fully hands on role allows you to be a part of every aspect of camp, while giving lifelong memories to your campers. ‘Everything the Campers do, you do!’ Build your communication skills, along with problem solving, conflict resolution, and so much more. Challenge yourself in ways you never knew possible and have THE BEST time doing so! Working at Driftwood as a camp counselor is way more than a job, it’s a life changing experience! 

Help give the lifelong skill of swim to our campers!  All our Lifeguards must be Red Cross Certified. We host an in-house course closer to the summer to get applicants certified or recertified if necessary. As a Lifeguard you will be a part of our morning instructional swim lessons and then a deck guard after lunch. Maintaining vigilance throughout the day is key in a role that demands focus. At the same time you will work as part of a close knit team, and help build summer memories for everyone at Driftwood. 

Do you have a personal passion that you want to share? If so, then being a specialist at Driftwood is the right role for you! Structuring activities to suit each age group is the key. How can your specialty be the activity our campers go home talking about? You will have the opportunity to work with every age group on camp, allowing them to acquire skills, while creating an environment that is fun, engaging. and challenging for campers of all backgrounds and experience levels.  Specialist areas include, Arts, Adventure Course, Sports, Music, Dance, and many more!


Taking caring of our campers and staff is our Number 1 priority. To ensure that we provide the safest environment, we employ trained professionals on site to deal with every eventuality. Our team of Registered Nurses come from all walks of life. It is the diversity of knowledge that allows us to provide individualize care for each camper. Whether it is a scraped knee, belly ache, or something more serious, being a part of the Nursing Team and Driftwood is an opportunity to care for our campers and to utilize your set of specialized skills. This level of care provides our families comfort knowing that their children are in good hands. 

Staff on golf cart

Staff throwing dodgeball