Important Dates & FAQs

Important 2024 Summer Dates:

  • Thursday, June 27th – 1st Day of Camp

  • Thursday, July 4th & Friday, July 5th – Closed for July 4th Celebrations

  • Thursday, August 22nd – Last Day of Camp

Our entire Driftwood Team go through several orientations to prepare for the responsibility of taking care of our Campers. We begin at the start of June and run orientations until camp begins. A full calendar will be released closer to Camp.

Staff FAQ’s

What does the job entail?

That depends on the position you are interested in! Each role comes with different responsibilities, but everyones goal at camp is to give our campers the safest, best experience possible! CLICK HERE for more information on roles.

What do I wear?

Again, depending on your position your attire may differ. But we ask everyone to wear comfortable sneakers and shorts, we will provide Driftwood staff shirts to be worn throughout the summer. Make sure to bring a bathing suit also, so you can swim when your campers do!

Do I bring lunch?

No need! We provide a nutritious lunch for all our staff as well as our campers, we also have you covered for snacks and even ice pops at the end of the day! We ask no food be brought onto camp, due to the severity of some allergies we control everything that comes onto camp grounds. If you have any specific dietary requirements we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

Can I have my cell phone?

One of our most important rules on camp is that no staff member may have their cell phone with them during camp hours. We are all responsible for the care of other peoples children, and the distraction of having a cell phone will take away from protecting our kids! Please leave your phone home, or lock it up in our office. Any found with a cell phone will be dismissed immediately, disconnect and focus on the reason you decided to join us… the kids!

What are the hours?

Our camp day runs from 9-4 for our campers. We meet as a full team at 8am to get ready for the day. As soon as buses are released the staff follow

Can you provide transportation?

We cannot guarantee a ride to camp for you, but depending on location it may be possible to add you to a bus route. There is even a possibility to request being a Bus Counselor!

Why should I work at Driftwood?

This is an incredibly unique opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of children. Our future generation are looking for leaders, mentors and role models, be the person that helps shape our Campers! Work with like-minded people, and give yourself the opportunity to open potential doors for your future! Challenge yourself to problem solve and live outside your comfort zone in a safe, fun, judgement free environment!

Staff orientation and training